The Solar Plexus

The color for The Solar Plexus chakra Third Center is yellow and spins a little faster than the Root and Sacral chakras. The element for the Third Center is fire and the sound is RAM. The name of the Third Center is manipura which means shining jewel. The Solar Plexus has the capability to transform the mind and body and allows us to be able to interact more with energies. 

A Strong Third Center

When the center functions properly a person is confident and comfortable with themselves, there personal power, respecting others and there own personal strength and vitality. A strong Third Center fosters stamina, self-discipline, and an outgoing personality. It helps in being able to set healthy energetic boundaries with others. Creative expression and psychic abilities are formed in this center, as a result it is common that people can sense energies from others and the spirit realm.

A Weakend Third Center

People who have issues with a weakend Third Center can be egotistical, narcissistic, bad-tempered, controlling and can blame others instead of taking personal responsibility for their actions and behaviors. They may often misuse their power, find themselves in unethical situations and stuck in a victim mindset.  This can lead to indecisiveness and being weak-willed.  A weakend Third center can cause a wide variety digestive probems in the stomach, gall bladder, small and large intestines, kidneys and the heart.

Foods that help: lemons, bananas, squash, and corn and a lot of foods that are yellow.

Herbs that help: milk thistle, ginger, turmeric, lemon balm, mint, slippery elm, and marshmallow.

Essential Oils: lavender, cedar, lemongrass, citrus oils, clary sage, and rosemary.

Affirmations: I do enough, I am well, all is well in my world.

Other TherapiesYoga poses:  bridge, boat, and spinal twist.