The Sacral Chakra.

The sound for the Second Center is VAM. The Second Energy Center is related to creativity, sensuality, and emotions and is associated with the water element. The color for this Center is orange. It is connected with the reproductive system and the sense of taste.  The Sacral Chakra, the Center is also related to feeling pleasure whether sensual or creative or just finding enjoyment out of life.

Balanced Sacral Chakra

When balanced  the 2nd chakra allows you to live your life with authenticity.   A connection with the moon phases and the eb and flow of emotions are present.   It is associated with dreams and wishes and the ability to bring these into manifestation.  It is also instrumental in relationships and how you relate to others and the world around you. 

Out of Balance Sacral Chakra

Issues in this area can be related to not acknowledging your feelings or being manipulated  by others. Codependency can be an aspect of the Center when it isn’t in balance along with unhealthy relationships and addictive behavior.  Physical problems can include lower back pain, urinary issues, and reproductive problems. It can cause you to become emotionally attached to objects or people.  Overeating behaviors or becoming obsessed with your self-image can be related to this Center along with mood disorders.

Essential Oils:  citrus, cinnamon, yhlang  yhlang, rose, bergamont, jasmine, and sandalwood.

Stones:   amber, carnelian, lapis lazuli,  citrine, moonstone. 

Herbs: hibiscus, calendula, black cohosh, mint, and fennel.

 Other Therapies: Yoga poses that open up the hips are good for this area. Dancing and also being near a body of water.