We are now  talking about the crown chakra which is called a thousand petals of the lotus flower that opens up and connects a person to the divine energies.  The elements of the center are thought and light. The colors of the center are violet and white. The first five centers are earth-based while the sixth and seventh centers are related to the stars, spirits, and beyond. In the 7th Center we become aware of wisdom and compassion for humanity as a whole. We become aware of knowledge related to ourselves and the world around us. We can tap into universal truth and knowledge.   Through this we also connect with forces that are seen and unseen.

Inbalances in this area can result in feeling scattered and not having direction in life. It can also relate to having issues with memory. This can also be related to the longing of the soul for something that it used to know.  Chronic headaches, brain fog, and depression can occur along with sleep disorders and mental illnesses.

When this chakra is balanced we are wise, spiritual, and open-minded.

Other inbalances in this area can be related to holding onto beliefs or thinking you are wiser than you actually are.  Becoming addicted to doing certain rituals or feeling imbalanced in the mind and a person can end up feeling confused. They may lack empathy for spiritual people and may feel bored with their lives. Sometimes people can end up being materialistic and greedy.

Ways to balance the center is taking care of the mind and body. Drumming can be helpful and being in solitude and meditation is very helpful, especially in a dark and quiet place.

Essential Oils: lavender, frankincense, sandalwood, spikenard, and Rose.

Foods:  that are purple in color are beneficial to the center.

Herbs: Tulsi, Gotu kola, ginseng, and ginkgo.

Affirmations: I understand. I am whole and complete. All of life is connected.

Yoga Postures: Lotus, tree, and hands in prayer pose.

Stones: selenite, clear quartz, and amethyst.