The Root Chakra is the first center and the sound is Laam. A song related to this Center is “We are Family” The types of music that can be helpful for this Center is anything grounding like drumming. The Root Chakra, the center is about our tribe, feeling safe and secure in the world , and how we fit into our family . Things that can help with this Center are yoga, grounding exercise, and grounding postures mostly standing postures. It is related to the Mother Earth element. The center is also related to post-traumatic stress disorder and the adrenals. If people are feeling unsafe or have a history of trauma there can be negative energies trapped in the center and in the adrenals, immune system, skeletal system, and bones and joints.

The color associated with this Center is red and brown and black.


Stones: black or red are good for the center like to Tourmaline, Onyx, Granite and Jasper.

Essential oils:  myrth, cedar, patchouli, and cinnamon.

Herbs: burdock, clove, cayenne, nettle and rosemary.

Foods: red veggies and fruits are good grounding foods.

Other Therapies: Connecting to the Earth and hugging a tree helps a person ground. Drawing a tree or drawing a nature scene can help in connecting to this chakra. Other things that can ground the energy is meditating, hiking, and doing walking meditations.