What is a Energy Healing?

Danelle has studied and practiced many forms of Energy Healing. These include: Energy Medicine, Reiki, Hands on Healing, Access Consciousness, and Crystal Healing. Danelle combines these forms of healing in her sessions. She also utilizes essential oils, magnets, and stones in the healing session. Danelle scans the client’s energy and physical body and will target the healing energy to wherever she is guided

1 Hour Energy Healing



1.5 Hours Energy Healing




Paranormal Investigation

Danelle along with another medium, Jacci Light will walk through a person’s home and property. After this they will report to the person what they found during the walk which can include, ghosts, residual energy, or other energies or entities. After the walk, they will clear the home, property, and person using various energy healing techniques. They will also advise the person on steps to take to manage their own energy and to protect themselves and the property.

Clearings and Paranormal Investigations