About Danelle

Since Danelle was a small child, she was sensitive to energies around her especially in nature. When Danelle was 5 she was hospitalized for a virus that turned into an infection. Danelle ended up having damage to her optic nerve that led to visual problems. After her illness she became increasingly sensitive to people’s energy. Danelle could feel when the energy didn’t match up to what people were saying. Danelle could also pick up on how people were feeling and she had a difficult time separating her feelings from others.

As a teen Danelle was hypersensitive to people’s energies and as a way to cope she would retreat into her inner world through music. Danelle would often go into very deep trance states where she would use guided imagery as a way to reduce stress at school and at home. She later discovered that she had been doing her own type of self-hypnosis.

When Danelle was a young adult she became fascinated with the mind and how it worked. Danelle received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and received a Master’s Degree in Counseling. She has been practicing as a Clinical Therapist for over 25 years. Through her work as a therapist she has heightened her intuitive abilities and is able to read and see people’s energy and help them along their healing process. Danelle has been a student of spirituality for three decades. She enjoys learning and integrating different types of spiritual beliefs into her daily practice.

Danelle has done extensive study in hypnosis and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. She also completed a 100 hour Clinical Hypnosis program in 2017. This has allowed her to expand her intuitive abilities even further. Through the use of hypnosis, she has helped people to overcome blocks and fears. They have also been able to resolve deep-rooted issues that helps them move forward in their healing journey. Danelle offers different types of Hypnotherapy, Past Life Therapy, Reiki and Energy Healing sessions.

Danelle’s mediumship and psychic abilities have grown and expanded over the years. She has helped people deal with grief and loss by offering them a connection to their loved ones and spirit team. She uses her therapeutic skills in these sessions to help clients and their loved ones come to a place of understanding, healing, and peace.